Contacting your Congressman

Preparing to meet your Congressman

1.     Identify your Congressman based on your home state and address (house or senate).

2.     Identify and call the Press secretary first. Ask for the Scheduler if the Press Secretary is not available.

3.     Tell them when you are attending theLeadership Training Institute of Americain Washington DC, and that you would like to meet with the Congressman.

4.     Request a picture with the Congressman on the steps of the Capitol, and that you will contact their office when you are in DC to arrange for a time and location to meet.

5.     When in DC, follow up with a letter (email) of confirmation (day, place, time will be on the LTIA schedule when you arrive in DC) and promo material (Brochure, your card if you have one).

6.     Call one day in advance to confirm your visit.

7.     Take with you the office phone number, name of the contact person you talk to, an info sheet about LTIA, a copy of the letter stating purpose of meeting, and a position paper if appropriate (facts about why Congressman should represent your position).

8.     On the steps of the Capitol, hold up a sign with the name of the Congressman.

Office Visit

1.     Give the receptionist an LTIA card and copy of letter stating purpose for meeting.

2.     Introduce Congressman to group, stand, and applaud.

3.     Listen attentively, and ask relevant questions (refer to handout for suggestions).

Post visit

1.     Thank Congressman: send thank you note/gift from group.

2.     Thank Congressman’s contact person: send thank you note/gift from group.

Letter content

  • Express appreciation for Congressman.
  • Request picture with Congressman, and ask questions about current issues that he specializes in.
  • State who LTIA is, and purpose of LTIA      (brochure).
  • Mention gratefulness for office staff helping to arrange the meeting.
  • Use the correct dates in your letter.

First Letter example:


Congressman Asa Hutchinson

House of Representatives

Dear Mr. Congressman,

Your leadership in our countries’ diplomatic relations is appreciated. Our nations’ young people need good role models. They need to meet and hear from people like you, who have political and moral authority and serve as a good role models for our aspiring youth.

As a citizen of the third district in Arkansas, you are my Representative, and it would be a privilege to meet with you. I will be in Washington D.C. June 20-June 27, 2015 participating in theLeadership Training Institute of America(LTIA) with a group of about forty-six students, averaging in ages between 17 to 25. An important part of our training includes meeting with highly regarded national leaders such as yourself.

I and the other young leaders in the group will greatly benefit from your example of leadership and values of democracy.

We are requesting a brief meeting of about ten minutes with you to learn more about your goals for America’s education system and security, to hear you comment on your experience and leadership role as Congressman to the United States, and to have a picture taken with you.

We would be grateful if you could arrange to meet briefly with us. Meeting with you will enrich our knowledge, appreciation, and learning experience about the democratic process of our country. It may inspire some to become involved in national leadership. If your schedule will permit it, I can be reached by phone or fax at 479-443-0510; by email at, or by mail at P.O. Box 889, Fayetteville, AR 72702-0889.

Thank you for considering my request.

Enclosed: brochure of LTIA

Second Letter example:


Congressman John Boozman

House of Representatives

Dear Congressman Boozman,

Thank you for arranging to meet me and the group I am training with Monday, June 24, 2015 on the steps in front of the Capitol building. We appreciate Kia Smith, in your office, for her assistance. We will have a group of about 46 students and staff attending the meeting.

Our students (ages 17-25 years of age) are participating in the annual Leadership Training Institute of America(LTIA) conference (, which involves meeting with outstanding leaders such as yourself. They are eager to meet you, take a group photo, and to hear a word of encouragement from you about the current issues you are tackling.

LTIA is a not-for-profit, tax exempt, conservative think-tank exploring philosophical, scientific, and religious interdisciplinary perspectives and applications. Its mission is to provide information and opportunity which advances individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

LTIA believes the success and greatness of American culture can be attributed to its founding principles, namely, Biblical principles. American founders quoted the Bible more often than any other source for design and implementation of government and societal order. They believe that Biblical world view principles afford the greatest success and realization of individual pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

If your schedule will permit it, I can be reached by phone or fax at 479-443-0510; by email at, or by mail at P.O. Box 889, Fayetteville, AR 72702-0889.

Again, thank you for agreeing to meet with me and the other students.



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