Fact Sheet

Did you know …

  1. Marian Ward, who prayed, “the prayer heard around the world,” credits LTIA with preparing her for the national attention received on Good Morning America.
  2. An LTIA alumnus respectfully stumped her evolution professor in front of 300 students?
  3. LTIA has prepared thousands of students to survive, resist, and challenge humanistic college environments.
  4. LTIA went national in 1999.
  5. LTIA trains students from other countries such as Bahamas and Russia.
  6. LTIA has conducted over twenty World View Warfare Weekend training programs.
  7. LTIA provides unique training in critical thinking, apologetics, and world view issues.
  8. Over 90% of LTIA students attend LTIA with the help of generous donors.
  9. LTIA conducts weekend seminars across the nation and an annual one week program in WashingtonD.C.
  10. LTIA invented the Dr. Evolution debate to train students in the creation and evolution debate.
  11. LTIA offers internship opportunities for students wanting to experience a leadership role with the LTIA organization.
  12. LTIA alumni have begun an LTIA student organization at the University of Arkansas.
  13. An LTIA alumnus used his LTIA network with Congressmen to gain entrance into the U.S. Air Force Academy.
  14. LTIA students meet with national and international leaders such as former attorney General Edwin Meese, journalist Cal Thomas, former Panama vice-president and ambassador Guillermo Ford.
  15. LTIA received national commendation and has been presented before the U.S. Senate and recorded in the Congressional Record four times.
  16. LTIA has gained attention and commendation from national leaders such as former U.S. Senators John Ashcroft, and Steve Largent, U.S. Senator Kit Bond, U.S. Representative Roy Blunt, and former U.S. Representative J. C. Watts.

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